Okay, so what the heck does this have to do with writing or my books? I might come to a point where it does, but really, why not write about tattoos? Do you have any? What do they mean to you?

I have two tattoos. The first one I got the second I turned 18. I just walked into the shop pointed at the board and said, “Give me that.” The man checked my i.d., sat me down, and told me not to move or he would “Fuck it up.” Then he proceeded to complete a beautiful tattoo all while cradling a phone under his chin and smoking a cigarette. This was the early 90s, I think the health codes have been updated since then.

The second tattoo I got is a full piece on my upper thigh. It is the Japanese kanji for Snow Angel — or as close as you can get since there really is no word for angel in the Japanese language. It is my husband’s nickname for me. Long story there.

I have always wanted more tattoos. I came across a tweet a few months ago of one I would loooove to get.

One of the heroes in my novel has tattooed arms. In fact a picture of him and his tattooed arms will be on the cover of Fae Guardian. Remember, if you want a sneak peek of the cover you can sign up for my newsletter. I send out quarterly newsletters with information on new releases, contests, fun recipes, and other tid bits. At the end of this month I will be revealing the cover of Fae Guardian to my newsletter subscribers first!

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