Old people are funny

My Grandpa tells me that old people are funny. I have a boatload of funny stories he has passed on, including the time that he and his buddy accidentally left my Grandma and her friend at the store. They had driven together and both got in the car to leave. They only realized they forgot the ladies when they noticed how quiet it was.

I didn’t think I would start having those stories about myself yet, but I do. My hubby and I are usually on the same wavelength. We’ve been together for over 15 years so we are kind of two halves of the same person at this point. But sometimes he says things and I have no idea what he’s talking about.

Me: I am really starting to become an insomniac. Too many things on my mind.
Hubby: One dried potato.
Me: What?
Hubby: Well, you know. It’s all he has in the cupboard. Or was it a tomato?
Me: What planet are you on?
Hubby: The song. The Insomnia song. The dried potato is all he has in his cupboard.

Of course this followed with many bouts of hysterical laughter on my part, to the point that we physically had to stop because we were both coughing and choking to death from laughter. We’re in prime shape I tell ya.

There is a point here I promise. When we write our stories we have to know and understand everything that our characters say and do. But remember, they don’t have to understand one another, at least not right away. Because if they did that wouldn’t be too realistic now would it?

One dried potato.

photo credit: cuorhome via photo pin cc

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