Daemon Rising

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Daemon Rising
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Cat James has been through Hell and back. Literally. Hiding out on a small farmhouse in rural Ashton, she is as far away from her demon ex-boyfriend as she can possibly get. And she plans to keep it that way. Employed as a remote IT technician for the Iron Forge Mine, her work and the occasional Chinese take-out, afford all the socialization she needs. Her isolation comes to an abrupt end when her sexy boss, Aidan Ash, gives her a new assignment, one that pulls her back into her nightmares.

The last of the Ash bloodline, geologist Aidan Ash would do anything to save his ancestral farm, even take a job with Iron Forge Mine, the company responsible for the downfall of his small community. When the mine runs dry, he is tasked with finding out why. He turns to Cat for assistance and is baffled by her reluctance to help. Smart and beautiful, the reclusive woman touches something deep inside of him, raw emotions he thought he left behind.

Together, they race against the clock to uncover the truth about a mysterious computer program—a daemon seeded by a demon. And the countdown has already started.