#amediting. Send brownies.

This is my permanent hashtag for the next two months. Today I did a marathon editing session for Fae Guardian which was spurred on by the fact that I had not touched it in two days and my looming deadline to hand this baby to my editor in October. I thought I would get a lot more done today, but after six hours I need to wrap it up. When you stop fixing things and start going, “That’s good enough” you know you are done.

So where am I? I am currently 12,351 words through the manuscript which is now 85,270 words. I have been deleting, but I have also been adding. Lovin’ on the Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus.

Also…I now have the official cover art for Fae Guardian. It is so mega hot! But, since I don’t intend on releasing Fae Guardian until December I am going to wait a bit for the reveal.

I will be sending out a sneak peek of the cover art for Fae Guardian, as well as, a rockin’ recipe for Smore Shooters I have been working on to my newsletter subscribers at the end of the end of the month. It will contain that and a few other surprises. Lots of fun stuff in the works!!!

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