Friday Reads: Siren Song by Cat Adams

The second installment in the Bloodsinger series is no less exciting than the first. Siren song starts just where Blood Song left, in fact the characters are still hung over from the party at the end of Blood Song. I really like sitting inside Celia’s head. This is definitely an urban fantasy in that the romance elements are very much below the surface. There is a great twist at the end of this story that does involve the romance, but it is more of a set up for the next book.

The duo of Cat Adams has set up a complex world of magic, hidden cities, political turmoil, and death curses – all of which fit neatly around Celia’s struggles being part siren, part vampire, part human and all bad ass!

The only negative thing I have to say about this book has nothing to do with the story which is why it doesn’t affect my review of it. The blurb, the cover art and the title set up expectations which don’t seem to match up with the story inside. First, the main character is blonde. You would never know that from the cover. Also, in this book the sirens don’t play a major part until the last third of the book. But none of those things change my enjoyment of the story. As an author it is just something I noticed and know that traditional authors normally have zero control over.

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