We all admire someone. During our life there will be many people we admire and sometimes we will get a chance to meet that person. Last weekend I not only got to meet an author I greatly admire, I got to sign my own books while sitting right next to her. I tried not to drool too much and I hope I spoke in complete sentences.

It was absolutely and totally surreal. I almost ignored the people who were coming up to see me while I watched her line grow full of diehard fans who came to catch a glimpse of the author of stories that they love. I could feel all their pent up excitement and it was truly a reflection of everything I was feeling but couldn’t express at the time.

This woman has what I want — the power to move people with your stories. The power to reach out of the page and touch them in some way, however small, hopefully big. This realization has really got me thinking about the purpose behind my own writing. You see, it’s not so much about an escape from this world into another, but much more about changing the one you are in right now. Traveling down a road that leads you somewhere else, permanently.

I am almost done with the Soulstealer Trilogy and it has been a blast to write. I will greatly miss my characters, but they have taken me somewhere and now I am forever changed. For the better. And so will every story I write from here on out. Better and better. Onwards and upwards!

photo credit: Mara ~earth light~ via photopin cc

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