Don’t do what I did

I am alive and kicking and finally back into a daily writing pattern. I took almost six weeks off and it has been nearly impossible to get myself back into good writing habits once more. Gah! I can’t beat myself up too much, but I can say, don’t do what I did. I am slowly working my way into this story and I know that I will have to delete 85% of what I am writing right now. You have to get all the crap words out of your system before the good ones start to float to the surface. Sorry, that was a horrible visual. You see what I mean?!

So, keep writing, whatever the cost. Take a day off or two, but never more. Even if you only write a paragraph in response to a random word prompt, do it! Words beget words. You will not run out of them if you keep writing, but the well can dry up if you write nothing at all. Prime the pump with something, anything.

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