Magical Portals

I have always loved stories which contain worlds within worlds and to get to that magical place you must step through a portal, dive into a bottomless lake, or take a leap of faith. All of my books involve the known world and the unknown and therefore a lot of traveling between worlds through magical portals. I am coming to that point in the book where the characters are going to need to take that leap. Now I need to decide exactly what they will find on the other side.

Magical Portalphoto credit: Gilderic Photography via photopin cc

3 thoughts on “Magical Portals

  1. This is so timely for me, Nicolette. My WIP is set in past and present with characters who straddle both worlds. Just this week I’ve been working on a scene between two characters – my MC, who I thought would be static in the present – and one who I haven’t quite determined which world she inhabits- limbo or eternity. I had no idea my MC would be crossing a portal into the past until I began writing this scene. It’s near the end of the book – at least for the moment – but I feel like the whole tenor of the book has changed. Very exciting stuff!

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