Yes, I am a writer. No, I’m not rich and don’t expect to be.

A funny thing has started to happen to me as I countdown to the release of my book.  People seem to think it appropriate to inquire as to how much money I am making off of it. It’s a natural question, but the answer to me is just as natural. Most likely I won’t make a thing.  Yes, there is a price tag on the book and yes I will get a small percentage of that price tag, however, there were a lot of expenses in putting this book together.

I did not write a book with the intention of it being a bestseller. Though I won’t argue if it is.  I wrote it because it is what I do. I am a writer and I want to share my stories. I long to share them.  I put money into taking classes, paying editors (yes, multiple), hiring a cover artist, and all the miscellany because I wanted the story that I share to be good and I don’t want typos and a crummy cover to stand in the way of someone enjoying it.  

If I break even then I will consider the book a success.  And that’s okay, because I have a day job.  One that I intend to keep.  Because even a well-paid writer doesn’t have health benefits and a retirement plan.

I have no control over the money.  As Neil Gaiman said, all I can do is “Make good art.”  If you haven’t already seen this video grab a box of tissues, take a seat, and press play.

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