Announcing ~ Fae Hunter Audiobook

Fae Hunter Audiobook

I am super excited to announce that the audiobook for Fae Hunter is now in production and will be released in August/September 2013. I would like you to help me welcome the narrator of Fae Hunter, S.A. Archer.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. You’re an author also correct?

That’s correct. My partner S. Ravynheart and I have a serialized urban fantasy series called The Sidhe. We’ve just released the fifteen episodes of Season One in a two book collection called Scattered Magic and Remnants of Magic, which follows a handful of fey and human characters after the collapse of the Mounds has all but destroyed the fey and their magic, leaving them struggling to survive in modern day Ireland while vampires, werewolves, and wizards prey upon them. There more about the series on our website at

Besides narrating audiobooks, I also co-host the Ultimate Urban Fantasy podcast. We talk about books, movies, TV shows, and games with urban fantasy elements. My co-host is Sherri Semine, who is an actress and a voice artist, and we have a blast doing the shows. That’s at

2. What do you think draws you to stories about the fae/fey and magical realms?

I am drawn to the fey like some people are drawn to vampires. I can hardly stand the thought that there is nothing magical in life. That everything in this world is flat and mechanical and boring. The fey and their magic add a dimension and a color to life that wouldn’t be there otherwise. They have music that makes you dance, laughter that is infectious, danger that is darker than any we could endure, and a beauty that makes you fall in love like in a dream. What’s not to love about that?

3. Audiobooks are becoming more popular and seem to be their own art form. What are some strengths of good narrators and do you see yourself doing more audiobooks?

I definitely plan to do more audiobooks, especially urban fantasy and paranormal romance, which are passions of mine.

I know for myself, audiobooks give me a chance to enjoy awesome stories I might not otherwise have time to enjoy. I listen to them in the car during commutes, when I workout, and while I do housework. For me, the best narrators are the ones with the voice and pacing that bring the words to life. It’s more than just reading, it’s storytelling and acting mixed together to transport the listener into another world for a while.


I couldn’t agree more! I want to thank Archer for being the narrator for Fae Hunter, I have already heard part of her performance and I know you will all love the final product.

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