Racing to the Finish

Roller DerbyI am so close to finishing this first draft!!! Today I spent the day at the Seattle Public Library pounding out another 4,000 words. I stopped in the middle of the final epic battle scene. It seems like I have been on the cusp of this scene for weeks! It’s always when I think I am near the end that I actually have about 15,000 more words to go.

Tonight I am going to go see the Rat City Roller Girls! So excited! I have never seen roller derby before, but I think these gals are brave to go out there and knock each other down. They definitely have moxie.

Tomorrow I will push and shove my way past ALL THE THINGS to make sure that the last words I type before I lay my head on the pillow are, “The End.”

photo credit: nocklebeast via photopin cc

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