Word Metrics and Writing Communities


The first draft of Fae Warrior is 48.5% complete. Going through this draft is tough for a few reasons, the first of which is because I am not writing during Nanowrimo. Otherwise known as the month that kicks my rear in gear. But I think this has also been difficult for me because it is the last book in the trilogy. All the story lines are wrapping up. No more massive cliff hangers. Although I am throwing a wrench in what I think is the most obvious way to conclude this book. Also, because I can’t share anything that is going on with anyone! I must keep it all top of top secret, because it is the last book people. Come now, you wouldn’t want me spoiling it would you?

But I do miss talking about my stories with my husband and my friends and bouncing ideas off of them for plot twists and cool otherworldly fight action scenes. This one is truly being written in a vacuum. It’s lonely in here.

I am attending a few workshops in the next several weeks in hopes of reconnecting with my writer kinfolk.  There seem to be a lot of writing community websites out there, but I am not sure which ones are the best. I recently came across a new one called Figment. Anyone heard of it? Seems like they are geared to a younger crowd. Does anyone have recommendations for other writing communities that they like?

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