I am writing again!!!

Long Road

I started writing Fae Warrior today! Yay! I logged 1,750 words. This does not sound like much, but when you have nothing it is a lot. I have a long road ahead of me which will not get any shorter unless I just start on it. I always have these grandiose ideas of totally overhauling my writing process. I mean I buy all these books on writing, so isn’t that what I am supposed to do?

My answer: No.

My method is my method. Just start writing. As soon as I do it never fails to amaze me how my brain goes, “Oh, okay, we’re writing now? Right. Well, good because I have been storing up all these great ideas. Let’s do this!” Before I begin all my brain will say is, “Really? We have to start now? How about you give it a few days. Let me rest a bit more.”

Well I say it is time to smack my writer self back in the chair and do this!!!
photo credit: Matt Callow via photopin cc

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