New release: Fae Guardian (Soulstealer Trilogy, Book 2)

My new tag line is, “Swords. Sorcery. Sizzle.” This pretty much describes this book exactly. I had a lot of fun writing it and hope you enjoy reading it!

Fae Guardian

Fae Guardian (The Soulstealer Trilogy, Book #2)

Available Now!!!

You will find it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, and other major online retailers.

Dealing with wedding day woes, naked elven rituals, a best friend with a biting problem, dragon battles, and a war brewing between the selkie and the fae are only the beginning for Valora, the Fae Guardian.

Valora needs to get Aric out of her mind if she’s going to live happily ever after with Dooley. But nothing is ever easy with magic. Tying herself and Dooley to Aric becomes a matter of life and death, not just for them but for all of the Realms and even those beyond the portals to Earth.

But can Valora handle the affections of two half-fae brothers? She has to if she wants to save the Realms — a world filled with cloud cities, volcanic mountains mined by dwarves, deserts inhabited by dragons, and lakes teaming with ferocious selkie. And getting the two of them to get along may be her biggest battle yet.

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