My Corset Virgin Interviews


I have been eyeing corsets for a long time. However, I have never actually tried on a proper corset. My husband and I went to rectify that problem this weekend. Serious business. In fact, probably a write off for my business! But really, we wanted to go try them on because shopping online for corsets you either get the $50 special from Fredericks or a custom-fit corset for $500 to upwards of $1,000. Yikes on both ends. I knew I would have to plunk down some cash for the thing, but come on! Corset virgin here. I can’t justify that right before Christmas. “Sorry son, I couldn’t get that special Lego Lord of the Rings you wanted because Momma needed a corset.”

We finally settled on a shop that advertised itself as having goth couture – including corsets. A shop I had wanted to visit anyway, so it worked. The man at the store was very sweet, but it was here that I learned three questions that my answers totally pegged me as a corset virgin. I’ll tell you my answers, but I also wanted to share the answers of a few awesome writers who have agreed to play along via Twitter interview.

May I introduce…

@giggilles Candice Bundy’s debut full length novel, The Daemon Whisperer, was recently published and is set in a future dystopian Front-Range Colorado full of daemons, god-touched, and other not quite human creatures. Sounds like paranormal goodness right there!

@CeruleanMist Rae Spencer writes erotica romance and is a multi-pubbed author. Her novel, Claiming Her Tomorrows, has recently been made available! She describes herself as a girly girl rocker and how appropriate that Claiming stars a gorgeous bassist.

@delisacarnegie Delisa Carnegie is a fellow yarny and story-teller. Her tales are full of the paranormal and you can read them on her website She also offers Intuitive Coaching that involves faeries. Really. Cool. You just need to check it out.

@nicsigni Nicole Tersigni is a writer who tries to squeeze in a few words between naps as she raises her little munchkin who is just as witty as she. Follow her on Twitter, you won’t regret. She is multitalented and I expect to see a full length published novel from her soon. Just saying.

Thanks for sharing your answers to my corset virgin questions Candice, Rae, Delisa, and Nicole.

Question 1: Do you know your waist size without measuring?

CB: No I don’t. But I do own a lot of corsets!

RS: No, but I do have lots of corsets. Love them.

DC: Yes. Because I have measured before.

NT: Nope.

NR: The man at the store asked me this question and I tried to play it off that I had just had a kid (six years ago) and so therefore, of course I wouldn’t know my “post-baby” waist size. Truth be told I have never known. Seems like the likely consensus amongst the women who answered my poll. So I suppose knowledge of your waist size is not a definite marker of a corset virgin, but know that if you go to try them on – you may be asked.

Question No. 2: Corset lacing quiz. Top down, bottom up, or top to middle/bottom to middle?

CB: Top to middle, bottom to middle. Each area laces differently, each time.

RS: Bottom down for me. I have one that splits in the middle, hard to do by yourself at least for me. Same for tie on the top. With tie on the bottom I find it easier to tighten and loosen not to mention tie myself.

DC: I could unlace the bottom, slide it on, relace & tie by myself.

NT: Erm, top down?

NR: Thank you Candace! I learned the answer to this question the hard way, but different every time is actually an added bonus insight. Weight fluctuates girlfriends! And thank you Rae. See, here I thought that because all the corsets I tried were split in the middle there was only one answer to this question.

This was actually comical. Self-professed corset virgins, my husband and I, went into the dressing room and he gave it a go for a good 15 minutes until he was sweating. I made him go get the helpful man who gave my husband a quick lesson in top to middle/bottom to middle corset lacing. The helpful man got a good eyeful of me in a underbust corset in exchange for his assistance.

Last question: Corsets. Reason for buying. No wrong answer. Practical? Fetish? Fashion?

CB: Fetish and fashion. What would be a “practical” use, isn’t that the same as fashion?

NR: Practical use would be more like shapewear I am thinking. Under clothes, can’t see it.

CB: I’m thinking if you wear one, you want people to see it, at least nowadays.

RS: Multiple. I like strapless, but with barely b’s it’s hard to hold them up, a corset tightens to your needs and I love the way they look. I found they help with posture too but you do have to ease into wearing them if you go too tight at first you can cause breathing problems, hot flashes, etc. Never cinch them so tight you can’t breath.

DC: Fashion. I think they are beautiful & women of all sizes look beautiful in them.

NT: Because they make me feel sexy!

NR: The helpful man asked me “so what made you decide to buy a corset?” He asks me this as he is holding the black vinyl, red-striped one I chose in his hand. I should have said, “I just needed some shapewear.” But really, if I am in a shop like that buying a corset, and not at Macy’s, the reason probably has something to do with a fetish. And yeah, you already saw the goods, so we don’t need to go there. So I said, “I’ve just always wanted one.” Perhaps if I was less of a corset virgin I would have said, “Dude, wouldn’t you want to see me in a corset? Yeah, so did my husband.”

A huge thank you to Candice, Rae, Delisa, and Nicole for their help with my corset virgin quiz. I am determined to become more of a corset connoisseur rather than a corset virgin. In fact, I just found this one that has glow in the dark piping from Artifice. OMG!

And now a question for you dear readers.

photo credit: cabbit via photopin cc

2 thoughts on “My Corset Virgin Interviews

  1. Awesome post from a no longer Corset Virgin. 🙂 I did want to mention, if you want to look at different varieties of corsets and bustiers etc. check out, it’s where I shop, love their variety, and they have a breakout for each mfg. on how to measure, and they even have some zip corsets too.

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