Will you help me with my book blurb?

How will my book stand out from all the rest? With an amazing book blurb of course. 🙂

Along with writing a novella and starting edits on the second book in the Soulstealer Trilogy I have been attending an online class on Book Blurbs this month. The class is almost over and I turn to you, dear readers, to take a gander at the book blurb for Fae Guardian (Soulstealer Trilogy, Book #2).

Dealing with wedding day woes, naked elven rituals, a best friend with a biting problem, dragon battles, and a war brewing between the selkie and the fae are only the beginning for Valora, the Fae Guardian.

Valora needs to get Aric out of her mind if she’s going to live happily ever after with Dooley. But nothing is ever easy with magic. Tying herself and Dooley to Aric becomes a matter of life and death, not just for them but for all of the Realms and even those beyond the portals to Earth.

But can Valora handle the affections of two half-fae brothers? She has to if she wants to save the Realms — a world filled with cloud cities, volcanic mountains mined by dwarves, deserts inhabited by dragons, and lakes teaming with ferocious selkie. And her efforts are not all without reward.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback on the blurb. It isn’t “final” by any means and if it can be improved, than why not?

Also, I have crafted three taglines. I have to choose which one of these goes on the front of the book. Please let me know which one you like best by voting below for A, B, or C. Thanks so much for your time and feedback.

A. Two half-fae brothers. One fae guardian. All with the power to save the Realms if only they don’t destroy each other in the process.

B. An unholy trinity at the crux of a cross dimensional battle between good and evil.

C. Valora’s greatest burden used to be the amulet keeping her alive. Now she has to share it with two half-fae brothers. Life just got complicated.

photo credit: radioher via photo pin cc

7 thoughts on “Will you help me with my book blurb?

  1. I like the blurb for the most part. Two things, one small, one not so small. First the small, when I read “half-fae brothers” I want to read it a half brother…don’t me on this topic because that’s all I have, two half-brothers.

    The other is, the last paragraph of the blurb sounds like a list of “Hey come look at me”, I think it would do better if there was more emotional attacment to Valora.

    I don’t know your story, unfortunately, so I can’t comment more than that, but I hope it helps in some way. Otherwise it’s great, I definitely can see this being a great story.

    • Thanks Nathan! Funny thing is those characters are half-brothers as well as being half-fae. I never thought of it that way though. I agree with you on the laundry list. I need to weave that “tell” more into a “show.” I appreciate your feedback!

      • All my “Novel Revision” posts are following along with what I am doing right now. But basically, first step is read from beginning to end without the red pen to get the entire story back in your head. My next step is breaking it all down. It really helps you to pinpoint where the weak spots are and give you the info you need to craft your blurb or your query letter — your unique selling points. As I broke everything down I was making notes of what made me go, “Erm what?” and now I will start what I call “hard edits” — starting at the beginning and combing through until I hit a snag. Fix it. Start over. Until I can comb through the entire thing without hitting any snags. Then its off to my editor and beta readers.

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