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I have recently been nominated for the Liebster blog award by Nathan at The Writer’s Codex. It’s an award given, by our peers, to us wee little bloggers who are up and coming and don’t yet have a massive following but still have something to say that is worth reading. Nathan is a writer who has made some great contributions to my blog, providing comments and insight and I really appreciate his support and nomination. Nathan writes about writing and the ongoing learning process all of us writers go through.

As part of the nomination he has asked that I answer a set of questions.

  • What prompted you to start your blog?

I wanted a place where I could chronicle my life as a writer and reader and hopefully share a little of what I have learned and enjoyed with those like me.

  • What is one life event/decision that you didn’t expect, but made your life what it is today?

My husband. Hands down. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. He allows me to be the best me and is still there on the days I am not so shiny.

  • Do you have any regrets in life? If so, are you doing anything to resolve them?

I have no regrets. I have weaknesses and I struggle everyday to overcome them. Some days I do better than other days. I try not to beat myself up too much and always strive to do better, learn more, and be humble.

  • What specific tasks are you doing to achieve your goals right now?

My goal is to continue to provide for my family while also fulfilling my personal dreams of writing and publication. I continue to work my day job and fill every spare moment with writing, editing, reading, attending conferences, and doing everything I can to improve my prose and write great stories.

  • What one thing do you wish people would remember you for after you’re gone?

Someone who considered nothing impossible.

  • What do you enjoy most in life?

Living life. Relaxing with my family. Escaping into my fantasy story worlds.

  • If you could make one decision that would change your life forever, what would that decision be?

It would probably change my life forever if I gave up the day job. But it would be in a negative way, so that’s not happening. 🙂

  • What is it about books that draws you them?

When I read books every other thing buzzing in my brain shuts off and I disappear into another world. I am an overachiever/crazy multi-tasker and this is the only thing I have ever found that truly gives my brain a break.

  • Describe your favorite movie in terms of what makes you love it so much.

I have lots of movie-loves. Goonies and Ghostbusters are at the top. Probably because of the humor mixed with not-your-every-day adventure.

  • Think of a loved one, what one question do you want to ask that person?

Why? — Of course, usually when that is the question the other person doesn’t know the answer any better than you do.

  • What would it take for you to make friends with an old enemy?

I don’t consider anyone my enemy. There are those who I have disagreed with over the years and relationships which have ended, but I would never consider any of those people my enemies. We parted for clear reasons and are better off on separate paths in life.

Thank you, Nathan, for such great questions!

photo credit: Foxtongue via photo pin cc

4 thoughts on “Blog Awards

  1. Thanks Nicolette for participating, your responses mimicked my own in many ways; my wife is the best part of me for sure, and I refuse to have either enemies or regrets.

    Thanks for sharing. Take care, and now that you’ve been nominated, you are welcome to pass the torch.

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