Real Fantasy Worlds

I love to write stories in fantasy settings. Sometimes those settings are within our world (urban fantasy) and sometimes they are in a world which is completely of my own construct. However, even as I typed that last sentence I was shaking my head. I believe that the most successful fantasy worlds employ the use of real places that are just fantastical.

My husband and I are coming up on our 13th wedding anniversary. Lucky 13! We both share a love of traveling and hope that someday soon we can do more traveling along with our son. One trip we plan to take is to the Ice Hotel in Sweden to renew our wedding vows. The photographs of the place are utterly amazing. You might even recognize it from the James Bond movie Die Another Day.

A real ice bar!

I suppose my point is that fantasy doesn’t need to be that hard. It doesn’t need to be completely out of this realm, in fact I think if we can pick places in this world that are fantastical and out of the ordinary and put them into our fantasy they will be both relatable and an escape into something spectacular.

Have a great weekend everybody! Cheers!

photo credit: Etolane via photo pin cc

5 thoughts on “Real Fantasy Worlds

  1. Happy 13th!! I’ve got the travel bug too. Hoping one day I meet someone that has itchy feet like mine 🙂

    • Love to travel too! Hubby used to work for an airline company and so we got a lot of free tickets in our younger days. Not anymore. 😦 We may try our first international family trip next year.

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