Death and Perspective

Last night a member of my extended family ended his own life. I can’t pretend to know much about what led him to his decision to do so. I know he was a young man who had fallen on hard times but that he also had a fiancee and a family who loved him. That’s more than a lot of people can say.

Perspective. Something you have when you are seeing clearly. When depression isn’t clouding your judgment and stealing your common sense. Depression is an illness as much as cancer and alcoholism and dementia. All of which have claimed various members of my family.

Depression is debilitating. An illness which makes you think you don’t deserve help. One that takes away your perspective on life and how much it is worth living.

I don’t have much of anything prophetic to say. I only know that when life seems like it is throwing everything at you and than some, remember not to lose your perspective. Your life, your thoughts, your dreams are worth all of it and more.

Hug your loved ones, gaze up at the trees and marvel in their beauty, take a deep breath and pause in this moment. Appreciate what you have.

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