First Draft Finished!!!

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I haven’t been doing a lot of blog posting lately and that is because I have been spending a lot of time trying to finish the first draft of Fae Guardian (the second book in the Soulstealer Trilogy) which I started during Camp Nanowrimo on June 1st. It is now complete at approximately 83,400 words. The first draft of Fae Hunter was only 75,000 words, so I am fairly proud to have gotten this many out the first go around. I also think that editing will be a lot less scary because I have done it once before. I already want to go in and fix things, but I am going to let the story rest for two weeks before I pick it up again and start edits.

In the meantime I will soon be starting the Soulstealer novella that is aching to break out of my brain. I have a working title for it but I’m not going to share it quite yet. I really think finishing the novella will help me when I edit Fae Guardian because I am afraid some of the storyline that ended up in the novel should have been in the novella instead. It’ll make both stories cleaner, but not too clean. *wink wink*

On Thursday I will be attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference. The start of four days of focus on craft. If anyone else will be there give me a shout-out. I would love to say hi!

Now I am going to celebrate by making cupcakes for my son, having dinner with the family and settling down to indulge in some True Blood tonight after the wee one is tucked into bed. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends!

7 thoughts on “First Draft Finished!!!

  1. It’s a delayed response, but congratulations on finishing another manuscript. I can’t wait to get there myself and have the sense of completion right there in front of me. It’ll be a spectacular moment. By now you’re revising. I hope it goes as well as you plan.

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