Creative Book Promotion

My new book Fae Hunter is now out in the world, bobbing along the waves of the internet. Like a message in a bottle waiting to be plucked from the expansive ocean. Sometimes finding readers for your book can feel the same way. So I have been brainstorming some ideas of promoting my book.

1.  Walk around with this bag stuffed with my books, because who isn’t going to want to know what’s in there?

2.  Go to Barnes & Noble and pull my book up on all the sample Nooks.

3.  Attend the upcoming Geek Girl Con dressed as Valora and when people ask me who I am I can act all perplexed that they don’t know.

4.  Film a video of me reading a crazy sex scene that isn’t actually in the book while holding the book cover up to the camera and posting it on You Tube with the title “Crazy Sex Scene.”

5.  Give a best friend necklace to everyone who tells me they love the book and why, because really, all you people — I love you.

6.  Sell Team Aric and Team Dooley shirts.

7.  Go around town taking pictures of guys that fit Aric and Dooley’s descriptions and tell them I am looking for a hero. Actually, maybe I should serenade them with Holding out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler and do the shimmy shake these gals do in the beginning of the video.

8.  Send out tweets full of double entendre. “Fae Hunter. Hot Guys. Sword Play.”

9.  Speaking of costumes, I could dress my pug up in a wooly orange coat and go to the dog park. When people ask his name I could say, “Pika, you know like that furry orange guy from the book Fae Hunter?”

10.  A tattoo on my hand. Think of the conversation starters every time you meet someone new!

What do you think guys? Any of this doable? Got some good ideas of your own?

4 thoughts on “Creative Book Promotion

  1. I like number two and am going to try that with mine now 🙂
    Try the naughty Tweets too!
    If I knew what exactly sold lots of books, I’d be selling lots of books. Alas, I am still trying to figure it out.

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