Word Hoarding

I am forcing myself to write this post. It needs to happen. You see, I have this condition. I call it word hoarding. On Friday I am set to start writing book two in the Soulstealer Trilogy during Camp Nanowrimo. For the past week I have been sketching out scenes and timelines. I tried post-it plotting, but I don’t think the concept is sticking.

My mind seems to have this irrational fear right before I start a new novel. It goes something like this, “Hoard all the words! Don’t let any of them out or you won’t have enough to finish your book!” This is totally irrational and actually counterproductive.

The more you write the easier it becomes to write more.

Instead of writing blog posts or tweets or doing more pre-writing I have totally turned off the word faucet. Bad me! The moral of this post is, don’t be a word hoarder. Hoard too many in your brain and you will find yourself adrift in piles of words, unable to figure out which ones are treasures and which are junk.

One thought on “Word Hoarding

  1. “The more you write the easier it becomes to write more.” — That’s so true! I have to remind myself of that whenever I’m not writing because I’m struggling with a certain part of my wip. Not writing doesn’t solve the problem! Good luck with writing your next book! 🙂

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