Mad Libs 2.0

Today is Mother’s Day and that gets me thinking about my own mother who was always there to encourage me to write at a young age.  Thanks Mom!

When I was young Mad Libs were really popular. Are they still?  I credit mad libs with pushing the writer in me to think of multiple story ideas from one scenario, and I also blame it for teaching us all what adverbs are.

And now I have stumbled upon Online Mad Libs! In honor of mother’s day I completed the following Mother’s Day Mad Lib:

Dear Mom: You are such a crunchy mom. You are planting a rosy job and I couldn’t be more red to have you as a mother. I turn when you and I go to the flower to run errands or whenever we love time together.

You are totally super round Mom! Love Andrew

Hope all the mother’s out there are having a totally super round day!

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