Six Sentence Sunday

What a great idea!  In my quest to find more writer resources I came across this blog on the referral from many of the wonderful and generous writers I have met on Twitter. *waves*  Six Sentence Sunday is pretty simple.  You pick six sentences from a work in progress or a published work and post it on Sunday.  The Six Sentence Sunday blog posts links to all writers who have submitted a link to their six sentences.

These six sentences are from the first chapter of my upcoming novel Fae Hunter.

Cold air whipped past me at an incredible speed and my eyes burned. The makeshift cage tightened and forced the last warm breath from my lungs. With the remainder of my strength, I pulled the silver sword upwards, dragging its sharp blade against the inside of the dragon’s fist. The beast lurched and cried out in pain, releasing me from its grip. I tumbled head over heels through the air. My small black wings did nothing to slow my descent.

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