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On Saturday I received my manuscript back from my editor and I am over the moon. I have some work to do, but she is the first person to read Fae Hunter from front to back (besides me) and here is a sampling of what she had to say:

“Wow. Really good book. Several times I found myself getting so lost in the story, I had to go back and be sure I was catching all edits!”

“Your pacing… is great, fast and furious, and you have some great chapter hooks. Plot is compelling. You feed in the back story on a need-to-know basis, never stopping the action for long but always letting the reader know whatever she needs to know at that point to understand what’s going on. Characters are unique and vivid.”

“Good luck with this book! I think you’ve got a winner.”

One of the things I am working on is the blurb for Fae Hunter. I would really love to hear if, based on reading this blurb, you would consider buying my book.  Feel free to leave your vote and your comments if you are so inclined.  Thank you!

Dell’Aria is a city that floats amongst the clouds and is inhabited by winged fae who live by the magic that flows through their blood.  Soulstealers are fae who are robbing Dell’Aria of the magic that is their life force.

Valora Delos is a Hunter, one whose job it is to track the Soulstealers and bring them to justice.  She is sent by the only man she has ever loved, her beloved King Aric, on her most dangerous mission. Saving Dell’Aria is a task that rests solely on her shoulders. She goes to Earth and finds herself trapped in suburban Seattle.

With the help of a surly dwarf and a sexy half-fae named Dooley, Valora must find her way back to Dell’Aria.  But coming home won’t be easy.  The journey is hard, and uncovering who is behind the destruction of Dell’Aria brings Valora a truth she may not be ready to handle.

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