Six Sentences

I aim to please, what can I say, so I wanted to start a series of blogs which featured some websites for writers.  The website I ran across, which is also another blog, is called Six Sentences.  You write an entire story in six sentences, submit it to the site, and the best are published.  The title can’t be longer than 36 characters and the entire story must be presented in the form of one paragraph.

When I sat down to write my six sentences I was surprised at how challenging it was. I have never written a piece of flash fiction before and I must have spent five hours trying to come up with a beginning, middle and actual end to a story in six sentences.  It is near impossible for me, but I gave it a go.

The Message

I peered over the edge of the bed while clutching the frayed ends of my security blanket and listened again to the noise coming from the small door which had remained sealed since the day we moved into this sprawling 18th century home in West Virginia six months ago. School hadn’t started yet, so I spent my days clad in my warrior princess armour, fighting the creatures which I imagined lived beyond this portal to their world, with my fencing foil. Three nights ago the tapping started, repeating a short cryptic pattern at the same time every night, just as my father had finished tucking me in. I had told my father, who had grown up in this house, and he had just given me a knowing grin, coming back a few minutes later with a tattered Morse Code manual from his days in the airforce. When the sounds ended, I grabbed my pen and paper and wrote out the series of dits and dahs and poured over the translation. “You are the key to opening any door you wish to walk through and only fear is your enemy.”

Happy Writing!


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