Writing Rituals

Usually I prefer to hide within the fantasy worlds I create.  But talking to my characters is starting to make me go crazy, so I thought perhaps it would be good if I got some of that internal monologue out onto the web.  And hey, maybe I’ll find other writers like myself who are looking to connect with others and share their stories of writing and revision.  That’s my purpose here.

My name is Nicolette Reed and I am a writer of paranormal/fantasy/romance novels.  I am continuing to refine my work with the hopes of releasing a bucket load of it on the world before the end of the year.  We all need obtainable goals right?

During the day I pound away at a conservative job requiring me to review scads of medical records filled with way more information then I ever want to know about anyone, including myself.  As the day rises and the sun sets I am a wife and mother of a five year old. 

I would like to say that as the night takes over and everyone is tucked into bed, I turn into a writer.  But really I am a writer wherever it is convenient.  During my lunch hour with my office door locked, while my son and husband play video games and sometimes even on the bus.

The romantic in me loves to light my favorite Fedora candle by Patch NYC, which reminds me, I need another one.  Set the tone with my current favorite Pandora station, Gotan Project, and then write words.  Lots of them.  But that rarely happens in my hectic life.

Do you have any writing rituals?  Or do you write as you go — wherever you can?

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